Making Spring Restorative

These stories demonstrate how restorative practices are transforming education across the world. 

 We trust they will give you a sense of hope for a brighter future!
Building Good Relationships and Behavior
Students at Buxmont Academy Elementary Program are creating a supportive community for learning. 

At this IIRP model program for grades one through six, students discuss their feelings, realize the impact their actions have on others and help each other with their issues.

Encouraging Video from Pittsburgh
Students, staff and parents are excited to be strengthening bonds, enhancing safety and reducing misbehavior and violence.

Pittsburgh Public Schools is now in year one of a study on the impact of restorative practices
by RAND Corporation, and shares this video about their progress.

Watch this hopeful video. (From timecode: 6:50 to 21:50.)

Breaking Down Cultural Barriers in Costa Rica 
Students from diverse backgrounds are learning to get along by participating in circles.
The Blue Valley School in Costa Rica is benefitting from restorative practices training with IIRP Latinoamérica and will present their experiences 
at the IIRP conference this June.