CONTRATADA: MEDIARE CURSOS TÉCNICOS E GERENCIAIS LTDA – ME, headquartered at Rua General Venâncio Flores, 305/911 - Leblon, Rio de Janeiro-RJ, CEP 22.441-090, company registered with the CNPJ under number 09.376.441 / 0001-67, in this act represented by its Chief Executive Officer Tania Almeida da Silva, CPF / MF nº 363.040.347-68, resident and domiciled in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The above qualified parties are in accordance with the terms of this Educational Services Agreement (“Agreement”), governed by the following clauses:



1st Clause. The OBJECT of this instrument is the provision of educational services by the CONTRACTOR to the CONTRACTING PARTY / Student enrolled in the Curso MEDIARE de Filosofia e Mediação (12h) 2021.1, to be carried out in dias 06 e 20 de agosto de 2021, and workload of 12 (twelve) hours / class, to be carried out in a online courses, with maintenance of the theoretical load and programmatic content, using the digital platform Zoom, for the maintenance of social isolation as a way of preserving health and safety for all.

Single paragraph - After signing this Contract, the CONTRACTING PARTY will be considered, for all purposes, a student duly registered in the Curso MEDIARE de Filosofia e Mediação (12h) 2021.1, committing to comply with this Agreement until the end of its term and in accordance with all conditions stipulated therein, except in the event of cancellation of the agreement under the terms of clauses 8 and 9 below.


2st Clause. The CONTRACTOR reserves the right to cancel the start of the Course in the event that the minimum number of students is not reached, in which case the refund of the amount paid is guaranteed, without correction of the amount.

3st Clause. The CONTRACTOR undertakes to carry out the course on the dates set out in the curricular schedule and to provide, before the beginning of classes, the digital didactic material to accompany these. The CONTRACTOR is allowed to change the location of the course, as well as to replace, themes or classes mentioned in the course curriculum, in the cases in which it deems necessary, without additional burden for the student or reduction of the total workload.


4st Clause. To obtain the certificate of participation in the Curso MEDIARE de Filosofia e Mediação (12h) 2021.1, é necessário que o(a) CONTRATANTE frequente ao menos 75% (setenta e cinco por cento) das aulas, equivalentes a 9 (nove) das 12 (doze) horas de encontro.


Cláusula 5ª. O(A) CONTRATANTE compromete-se a pagar à CONTRATADA o valor de R$ 1.800,00 mil e oitocentos reais), em até 4 parcelas, de acordo com o cronograma de pagamento a seguir descrito:

  • 1rd installment R $ 450,00 (four hundred and fifty reais) to expire on 03/2021
  • 2rd installment R $ 450,00 (four hundred and fifty reais) to expire on 04/2021
  • 3rd installment R $ 450,00 (four hundred and fifty reais) to expire on 05/2021
  • 4rd installment R $ 450,00 (four hundred and fifty reais) to expire on 06/2021

6st Clause. Tal pagamento poderá ser feito em até 4 vezes sem juros através do site do MEDIARE, por meio de cartão de crédito ou via boleto bancário, a ser emitido pela secretaria do MEDIARE. O pagamento em cartão de crédito através do site MEDIARE, oferece ainda a possibilidade de parcelamento no cartão em até 18 vezes, neste caso com aplicação de juros imposta pela Instituição Credora.

First Paragraph - INSTITUTO MEDIARE members will benefit from a 5% discount (R $ 90,00 - ninety reais) exclusively on payment by bank slip. Either in the payment of the payment slip in cash or in installments in 4x of R $ 427,50 (four hundred and twenty seven reais and fifty cents).

Second Paragraph - This Agreement constitutes an extrajudicial enforcement order pursuant to article 784 of CPC / 2015.


7st Clause. If the CONTRACTING PARTY does not pay any of the installments on the agreed dates, the respective bank slip must be updated by the CONTRACTING PARTY directly on the Banco Itaú website, the CONTRACTING PARTY being aware of that the nominal value of the bank slip will bear interest in the amount of 1% (one percent) per month.


8st Clause. If you choose to cancel the contract within 20 days before the start of the course, the CONTRACTING PARTY must communicate its withdrawal in writing by sending a message to the e-mail Cursos@mediare.com.br, sendo-lhe devolvido – no prazo máximo de 10 (dez) dias úteis a contar da data do recebimento da comunicação escrita da desistência –, o valor desembolsado reduced by 30% (thirty percent) due to the cost of issuing the Nota Fiscal (12,42%) and the estimate of the operational and administrative costs of the secretariat (17,58%).

9st Clause. After the term established in Clause 8, the CONTRACTING PARTY may cancel this Agreement at any time by means of a formal communication sent to the e-mail Cursos@mediare.com.br , and will bear the payment of all installments overdue and that which is due within 15 (fifteen) business days following the request for cancellation, additionally committing to pay the amount equivalent to the percentage of 30% (thirty percent) calculated on the amount of the installments due until the expected end of the Contract, to cover the estimated operational and administrative costs involved in the planning, execution and management of the theoretical course and in the hiring of structure, personnel, logistics, food and didactic material.


First Paragraph - During the term of the course, there will be the possibility for the CONTRACTOR to take photos and videos to publicize the course on their Social Networks, in addition to collecting Feedback about the course, whose participation is optional including the possibility of anonymous reports.

Second Paragraph - We need to be in compliance with the General Personal Data Protection Law (Law No. 13.709 / 2018) (LGPD). In the physical contract that will be sent by e-mail, we request your approval or not to continue receiving the dissemination of events coordinated or supported by MEDIARE.


10st Clause. Any controversies or disputes related to this instrument must be resolved through Mediation, pursuant to Law No. 13.140 / 2015. The Mediation entity will be chosen by mutual agreement and, as appropriate, the internal rules of the chosen Mediation entity will apply.

First Paragraph - The Mediation will be held in the City of Rio de Janeiro, by (i) 02 (two) mediators, being 01 (one) indicated by mutual agreement between the Parties and 01 (one) indicated by the first mediator; or (ii) 02 (two) mediators, each being appointed by each of the Parties; or (iii) 02 (two) mediators, indicated by the Mediation entity.

Second Paragraph - The appointed mediators must have specific experience in the matter under discussion, even if they are not members of the chosen Mediation entity, and should preferably reside in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Third Paragraph - Urgent or precautionary measures indispensable to safeguard the right of either Party shall be postulated under the applicable provisions of the legislation in force, before the jurisdiction of the District of the Capital of Rio de Janeiro, with waiver of any other, however privileged it may be. .