If you are interested in getting a dispute to Mediation you can contact the MEDIARE Chamber on +55 21 25125256 or by e-mail mediare@mediare.com.br

After analyzing the alleged dispute and verifying the parties’ availability, MEDIARE will book a pre-mediation session, which aims to inform the participants on Mediation, for them to decide whether or not they want to continue.


After contacting the MEDIARE Dialogues Chamber, the applicant will receive a Preliminary Information Form for Mediation that shall be completed.

The Chamber’s Directory and the responsible thematic sector will receive the referred form for an initial analysis of the controversy. This initial contact with the parties helps to identify the defendant’s availability regarding the Mediation procedure.

A pre-mediation meeting will then be scheduled. In this phase, it is recommended, if possible, that all the parties are present. If you plan to have a lawyer accompany you to mediation, he/she may attend the pre-mediation meeting.

This meeting aims to inform participants about the mediation process clarifying all doubts there might be. It also allows the mediator to understand the level of complexity of the case – number of people involved (directly and indirectly), time that the controversy has been going on, level of escalation of the conflict, its eventual legalization or “arbitralization” and technical issues and values involved.

Based on complexity level, the parties will receive a Mediation Proposal, which contains the Registration, Administration and Mediators fees along with their CV attached. If preferable, the Chamber may suggest a pair of professionals with expertise and experience in dispute field, which shall pass validation of the parties.

The accession of all defendants involved in the procedure and proposal’s validation will lead to the signing of the Agreement to Mediate. All settled the first mediation session may be scheduled.

Access Flowchart in PDF.