The MEDIARE Mediation Chamber is dedicated to administering consensual dispute resolution methods, in particular Conflict Mediation, for individuals and companies, offering a Multidisciplinary Panel of mediators, specialized in different topics - Business, Family Businesses, Family and Succession , Civil, Intellectual Property, Information Technology, Health, Communities, School, Public Policies, Socio-environmental, Art, Culture and Entertainment, Collaborative Practices and Teaching.

The performance of the MEDIARE Chamber is guided by its Regulation on Ethical and Procedural Norms for Mediation and by the Code of Ethics of CONIMA - National Council of Mediation and Arbitration Institutions.

The professionals who are part of the Multidisciplinary Panel of Mediators were trained by the Institution and can be directly elected by those involved or appointed by the Chamber, according to their specialty and seniority, after analyzing the complexity of the case in the pre-mediation stage (presentation session). As a rule, mediators work in pairs, preferably interdisciplinary, and can form a team with mediators external to the Panel.

Each case is evaluated according to its specificity and level of complexity - number of people involved, time of controversy, level of escalation of the conflict, previous attempts at resolution, existence of judicialization / arbitration (if any), need for technical advice and financial values ​​involved - and forwarded to the respective Thematic Sector.

There may also be, on the part of the mediators, prior and personal choice of mediators internal or external to the organizational panel.

To request a Mediation, those interested can contact by phone (21) 25125256 or by e-mail


After contacting the MEDIARE Chamber, the applicant must complete the Preliminary Information for Mediation form. Once the form is completed, an initial analysis of the dispute will be carried out by the Thematic Sector relevant to the case and by the Board of Directors.

MEDIARE will make an initial analysis of the controversy and check the availability of those involved. Then, a prior meeting will be scheduled to exchange and expand information on Mediation (pre-mediation), from which those involved will decide whether they want to proceed.

Contacting the defendant and filling out the same Form will identify your availability for the Mediation procedure. A prior meeting to exchange and expand information will be scheduled and will be held preferably with the presence of all mediators and their lawyers, if already constituted.

After pre-mediation, the analysis of the complexity of the dispute will be expanded - according to the number of parties involved (directly and indirectly), the length of the dispute, the level of escalation of the conflict, its eventual judicialization or arbitration, the technical issues and the values involved.

Based on the level of complexity, a Service Delivery Proposal indicating the values ​​of Registration Fee, Administration Fee, Mediators' Fees and their CVs will be sent to those involved.

If the Chamber is responsible for appointing mediators, a pair of professionals with expertise and experience in line with the complexity of the dispute will be identified for the parties' validation.

The adherence of all those involved to the procedure and the validation of the Service Provision Proposal will motivate the signing of the Mediation Participation Term, characterizing its beginning.

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