The MEDIARE System comprises three distinct organizations: MEDIARE Dialogues, MEDIARE Courses and MEDIARE Institute (an non-profit association).

The MEDIARE Dialogues is dedicated to designing and coordinating dialogue processes regarding decision-making guided by consensus building and mutual benefit. Among the resources, we use, there are: Mediation, Dialogue Facilitation and Consensus Building. The Mediation Chamber offers a multidisciplinary panel of professionals, experts in different segments.

The MEDIARE Courses is geared towards the training of dialogue processes and offers bi-annual courses in mediation, seminars and workshops  (part of the continuing education program) as well as in company services, specifically tailored for different demands.

The MEDIARE Institute is dedicated to social research projects, as well as to development, dissemination and practice of dialogue processes. It houses the MEDIARE System`s continuing education Program and Library. It is also responsible for establishing partnerships with other institutions.

The three MEDIARE System entities rely on the performance of our Mediator’s Panel, a multidisciplinary team of specialists originated from different professional fields – business, civil, family and probate, communities, schools, family businesses, environmental, public policy, IT, intellectual property and art and culture. Dedicated to the non-adversarial character of dialogue processes, these professionals integrate thematic sectors that foster continued improvement and the provision of services in mediation.