MEDIARE is an organization specialized in preventionevaluationadministration e conflict resolution, dialogue facilitation, consensus building and decision-making processes.

Founded in 1997, it is a pioneer in the training of mediators, which enabled the formation of a Multidisciplinary Team to work in several areas. It has a staff of Mediators and Specialists from different professional segments and active in different types of conflicts and decision-making processes.

The experience with the practice of Mediation and the dedication to teaching, studying and researching methods based on dialogue, as well as those focused on decision-making processes, enabled the expansion of the range of resources offered. Today, MEDIARE uses the Multiport System of non-adversarial dispute resolution and dialogue methods, which, in addition to Mediation, includes Facilitating Dialogues, Building Consensus and Dialogue Processes designed on a case-by-case basis. His teaching activity extends to teaching skills for dialogue, based on human communication, negotiation and the productive management of differences.

It is a Reference Center on the mentioned themes and integrates Networks of Institutions - national and international - of Mediation and other instruments of Adequate Dispute Resolution (RAD), establishing partnerships with them.

It is part of the founding board of the National Council of Mediation and Arbitration Institutions - CONIMA, having participated in the drafting of the Code of Ethics and the Model Regulation for the exercise of Mediation in Brazil, as well as in the construction of the minimum curriculum for Basic Training in Mediation . He is a member of FONAME - National Mediation Forum, having also participated in the Drafting Team of the respective Code of Ethics.

Conducts lectures, seminars, courses, workshops, consultancy, supervision and training in the area of ​​Dispute Resolution, in different contexts, on different topics and in different states of Brazil. Works in Teaching and Facilitating Dialogues in different areas of coexistence - Business, Family Businesses, Civil, Families and Successions, Public Policies, Social and Environmental, Financial, Community, School, Art, Culture and Entertainment, Health, Information Technology and Property Intellectual - of a private, judicial or social nature, of national or international scope.

Cooperation Agreements with Public Institutions and Non-Governmental Organizations made possible by the performance of the Annual leave - voluntary provision of services by its Panel of Mediators - make it possible to serve the low-income population, an expression of their conscious and socially responsible business practice.

The MEDIARE System - MEDIARE Dialogues and Decision Processes, MEDIARE Courses and the MEDIARE Institute - share its infrastructure and welcome the same professionals (MEDIARE team) to carry out activities related to each of the entities:

  • MEDIARE Dialogues - the provision of services using consensual methods of dispute resolution and decision-making.
  • MEDIARE Cursos - teaching in dialogue processes and consensual methods of conflict resolution.
  • Instituto MEDIARE - research, continuing education, the provision of services in consensual methods of dispute resolution and the attendance of socially relevant issues.

Activities over time


In 2017, it hosted research in cooperation with the Center for Security and Citizenship Studies (CESeC) on the quality of the practice of Mediation in the Judiciary of RJ (2016/2018).

In 2018, he also coordinated, in partnership with the Center for Security and Citizenship Studies (CESeC), a survey dedicated to mapping the different community mediation programs that exist in Brazil.


In 2016 he published the first edition of the MEDIARE Yearbook, a work that compiles articles on Conflict Mediation and Facilitation of Dialogues, coming from each MEDIARE Thematic Sector. This publication takes place every year and makes it possible not only to gather reflections from each thematic sector that results in an article, but also to give visibility to mediators who dedicate themselves to academic production.

Continuing Education - Update Meetings

According to an international understanding, monthly updating meetings are offered to the panel of members of the institution, aiming at its permanent improvement and loyalty to a quality practice - the General Study Group - dedicated to topics related to Mediation and Facilitation of Dialogues and General Culture.

The MEDIARE Institute also houses the Thematic Groups for Studies and Projects - focused on the specific issues of each MEDIARE Thematic Sector, which aims at leveling and theoretical-practical improvement, as well as the construction of projects.

Annual leave

MEDIARE has invited members of its training courses that conclude the Supervised Practice phase to join a Mediators Panel that offers free hours of work - the Bank of Hours - for social assistance, as well as participation in interinstitutional cooperation projects.

International Program

Since 2016, MEDIARE has enabled, on an annual basis, the participation of mediators already trained or in the process of training at the institution, at the LLM in ADRs sponsored by the School of Law of the University of Saint Thomas - Minneapolis (USA)

Training of Mediators in the Private Sector

MEDIARE's teaching staff has been training mediators since 1998. The institution regularly coordinates a course in Rio de Janeiro, with classes with a multidisciplinary profile - doctors, lawyers, engineers, judges, psychologists, economists, administrators, social workers - that enabled the construction of a multithematic panel of mediators. The Mediation and Dialogue Facilitation Courses also take place in other States of the Federation and on demand (in Company).

Training of Mediators in the Public Sector

MEDIARE has offered its teaching for the training programs in Mediation of the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro (2011th editions) and of the Public Defender's Office of Rio de Janeiro (2015 and XNUMX). It has also participated in state and municipal projects in other states of the federation, aimed at training mediators and improving supervisors of this practice, in the public and private spheres.

Training of Conciliators in the Public Sector

In 1999, MEDIARE coordinated the Training Course for Voluntary Conciliators of the General Public Defender's Office in Rio de Janeiro. Since then, he has been giving lectures to judicial conciliators and judges, aiming at expanding his skills for conciliatory practice.

Coordination of the Pacificar Project

In 2009, MEDIARE coordinated the teaching team that worked on the Pacificar Project - an incentive from the Ministry of Justice for the practice of Mediation in law schools - at the Rio Law School of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation and the NGO Viva Comunidade, held at the Complex da Maré, in Rio de Janeiro. Tania Almeida, our CEO, served as the project's general supervisor.

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Courses and Workshops: Expanding Skills for Conciliatory Practice and Facilitating Dialogues

Throughout its existence, MEDIARE has offered courses for Law operators (Expanding Skills for Conciliatory Practice), and for community actors (Facilitating Dialogues), in cooperation with NGOs or on a voluntary basis.

Courses and Courses in Company

MEDIARE has offered workshops and courses in company on demand, focused on expanding skills, communication and negotiation, facilitating dialogues, improving leadership for conflict management, team coordination and decision making.

Cooperation Agreements with training entities from other States

Establishment of cooperation agreements with similar entities in other states of Brazil, aiming to compose a national institutional network, has enabled joint action and shelter - in two hands - of students who are in the supervised internship phase (Supervised Practice of real cases).

Cooperation Agreements with Public Entities

In Rio de Janeiro, agreements with the Court of Justice, the Public Defender's Office and the Public Prosecutor's Office enable the free offer to the Conflict Mediation society and the supervised practice of mediators in the training stage.

Mediation Practice and Other Non-Adversarial Conflict Resolution Methods

Practical action has been carried out at the MEDIARE Chambers by the multidisciplinary panel of mediators that make up the entity's staff, both through private and social practice and through agreements. A panel of specialists in different areas assists the panel of mediators, if necessary, offering complementary and specific expertise.

Participation in the Foundation and in the Executive Panel of the National Council of Mediation and Arbitration Institutions - CONIMA

MEDIARE is one of the founding institutions of CONIMA - whose director panel was integrated by the president-director of MEDIARE in different terms. The Chief Executive Officer of MEDIARE made up the drafting committees for the Code of Ethics and the Model Mediation Regulation, as well as the one that dedicated itself to building a basic curriculum for Mediation Training. He also assisted in the dialogue between CONIMA and the Drafting Commissions of the Draft Mediation Law at the time when he was part of the management.

Participation in FONAME - National Mediation Forum

MEDIARE is part of the panel of institutions that make up FONAME, having participated in the team that wrote the Code of Ethics for Mediators.

Participation in the Team of Experts of the Secretariat of Reform of the Judiciary - Ministry of Justice - to draft the legal framework for Mediation in Brazil

  • In 2013, our Managing Partner was part of the committee that offered the base text for PL / 7169/14, text of the Mediation legal framework.

Participation in the I Extrajudicial Dispute Resolution Day - to compile statements related to the Brazilian Legal Framework

  • Our founding partner was part of the team of Judge Kazuo Watanabe, dedicated to the statements concerning Mediation.

Research, fostering appropriate dispute settlement methods, training and international programs

Participation in the national research on a Multiport Conflict Resolution System for Brazil, coordinated by the University of Saint Thomas Minneapolis, USA

Project that built consensus on the topic after researching it with civil society: judges, lawyers, undergraduate and graduate teachers, businessmen, law students, communities and NGOs. Its director-president coordinated the facilitation of the national dialogue between members of the research and co-coordinated its publication in Brazil by CEJUS of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (Multiport Court - Investing in social capital to maximize the conflict resolution system in Brazil). The national coordinators of the project were Professor Ada Pellegrini Grinover and Judge Kazuo Watanabe.

Participation in the Inter-American Development Bank Project for the Promotion and Practice of Mediation and Arbitration in Brazil

In addition to the institution invited to join the project, our CEO served as a member of the Coordination and Control Committee.

Participation as didactic-pedagogical co-coordinators and teachers in the Citizenship Conflict Mediation course subsidized by UNDP - United Nations Program - and by SENASP - National Public Security Secretariat

Pilot project that took place in Rio de Janeiro (2007) for 470 participants: judges, prosecutors, defenders, police officers from different corporations, community managers, judiciary technicians, voluntary conciliators.

Participation in international tenders

MEDIARE participated in a bidding for the Training of Mediators in the Republic of Cape Verde, in 2006, and was ranked first in terms of the technical competence of the proposal, as shown in a document sent by the Cape Verde Ministry of Justice. The Cape Verdeans' option to carry out the program was due to the lower financial cost proposal.

World Bank

Tania Almeida, our Chief Executive Officer, is part of a panel of five mediators trained by the World Bank to work on the Bank's internal conflict resolution system in Latin America - Latin American Pilot Program. She is in charge of the Bank's bodies that operate in Brazilian territory, facilitating dialogues in mediations and offering training.

Socio-environmental and Public Policies

MEDIARE had a teaching role with postgraduate students in the environmental area (COPPE-UFRJ) and Petrobras environmental technicians who participated in consensus-building processes on issues involving public policies. Our Chief Executive Officer acted in research subsidized by the Inter-American Development Bank - IDB, integrating publication on the theme - Dissemination of methods for the peaceful resolution of conflicts; Magazine Red Mediators (November 2004) - with a view to disseminating this practice to Latin America, including a Brazilian example. The participation in thematic study groups and the training of technicians from private companies that work at the interface with the community, when environmental issues are part of projects, are part of its scope of action. In 2016 Tania coordinated a Dialogue Facilitation at the Orla Búzios Project, in partnership with the NGO Viva Búzios, which resulted in a social pact between members of the local community - fishermen, residents, traders, businessmen. MEDIARE coordinates a group of studies and projects of monthly occurrence in the Socio-environmental and Public Policies area.

Penal Mediation - Restorative Practices

Participation in agreement with the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro and acting with a multidisciplinary team of mediators in the IX Special Criminal Court - RJ and Family Courts of the Barra da Tijuca Forum. Integrates CEMEAR - Center for Mediation, Self-Compositive Methods and Restorative System of the Public Ministry of the State of Rio de Janeiro.

School Mediation

MEDIARE has carried out work in this field, developing projects and programs for municipal and private schools and encouraging companies to subsidize them, through the practice of social responsibility, in an attempt to bring the culture of peace and the fight against violence to the school universe. In 2000/2001 he co-coordinated a program in municipal schools in RJ, subsidized by the Ministry of Justice. In 2014, he coordinated the Skill Program for the Dialogue with Teachers and Coordinators of daycare centers located in Vidigal Community. In 2015 and 2016, he coordinated lectures and dialogue facilitation processes in educational institutions in the south of Rio de Janeiro. In 2017, it hosted the study of Nonviolent Communication in the Institutional School Mediation Sector. In 2018 sponsored a workshop dedicated to the School Mediation Program. MEDIARE coordinates a group of studies and projects in the area of ​​School Mediation.

Community Mediation

The institution has offered seminars that highlight the technical contributions of Conflict Mediation to NGOs that work with community programs and to community leaders, with a view to qualitatively increasing their practices as facilitators of dialogues. He developed a DVD dedicated to the theme to work with an illiterate population and a booklet that aims to multiply his exposure. This project is marked by sustainability, since it is dedicated to the formation of multipliers - community actors who are trained to reproduce it under our supervision. In 2013, he started acting in the Vidigal Community, in Rio de Janeiro, promoting training courses in Mediation and the Program for the Expansion of Skills for Dialogue; from 2014 to 2017, coordinates the Real Supervised Practice of the Mediators who integrated the Theoretical Courses of 2013 and 2015 in that community. In 2018, he dedicated himself to research aimed at mapping Community Mediation Programs in Brazil. MEDIARE coordinates a thematic group of studies and projects in this area.

Family Mediation

The practice of Mediation and Facilitation of Dialogues in the family sphere has stood out, through agreements with the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice and the Rio de Janeiro Public Defender's Office. Agreement with the Court of Childhood, Adolescence and the Elderly, for seven years (1999 and 2005) also made it possible to act on issues related to those judgments. MEDIARE coordinates a group of studies and projects dedicated to the area of ​​Families and Successions.

Mediation and Ombudsman

MEDIARE has participated in seminars dedicated to extracting from the Conflict Mediation the procedural and technical contributions to the qualified practice of the ombudsman. These works have included public and private sector ombudsmen.

Corporate Mediation

MEDIARE maintains a group of studies and projects on the subject, to meet the proposal for permanent updating of mediators working in the area. Conducts Training in company, in public and private institutions. It acts in the corporate field, facilitating internal dialogues and mediating issues between companies or groups of companies, as well as contractual issues that involve the network of stakeholders. Mediation in the Civil and Business areas has been fostered by the participation of students in training (practical internship) in the Cooperation Agreement with the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro - Central Forum.

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Collaborative Practices

MEDIARE houses a regular group of studies on the topic and organized the first International Training in Collaborative Practices in Family Law, which took place in April 2014, in Rio de Janeiro. The practice of collaborative advocacy presupposes non-litigation and an interdisciplinary approach to conflicting issues or demands for consensus and gains adherents around the world, against the judicialization of everyday issues and towards the social pacification made possible by the construction of consensus that focuses on mutual benefit. In the scope of Family Law, Collaborative Practices were enshrined in the Prize Innovate, advocacy segment, in 2013. He joined a team that coordinated, in September / October 2014, the I Training in Collaborative Practices in the civil area. Since then, he has been integrating the teaching team of the Brazilian Institute of Collaborative Practices (of which he is also a founder) in training programs carried out in different States of the Federation.

Mediation in the areas of Information Technology, Intellectual Property, Art and Culture and Health

MEDIARE coordinates thematic study groups and projects in these areas, enabling continuing education and encouraging the practice of Mediation.