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Read with me

Read with me2021-04-13T19:06:30-03:00

Read with me has the purpose of addressing good practices through the re-reading of works that offer ideas of value to the exercise of Mediation and Facilitation of Dialogues. For each title, the specialist and founder of MEDIARE, Tania Almeida, will present a selection of practical highlights in order to offer a differential for the performance of professionals in the area, added to the valuable reflections collected during her 25 years in the exercise of Mediation.

112, 2020

The Power of the Positive No - how to say No and still get to Yes

December 1, 2020|

By Tania Almeida * Perhaps because he is an anthropologist, William Ury has always surprised me by the ability to build ideas and make reflections that express human interaction in the world of negotiations. In the line of attention to humanity, Ury says that our fears are our biggest obstacles to say [...]

3108, 2020

The protagonism of emotion in decision making

August 31 2020|

By Tania Almeida * Daniel Shapiro and Roger Fisher, both from Harvard Law School's Negotiation Project, put emotion as the 'background' of the negotiations when they wrote Beyond Reason: the power of emotion in conflict resolution (Beyond Reason: using emotions as you negotiate). At [...]

2107, 2020

Mediation Toolbox - practical and theoretical contributions

July 21, 2020|

By Tania Almeida * The book Toolbox in Mediation - practical and theoretical contributions (Dash Editora) inaugurates the Read with Me project. As in my training, multidisciplinarity is a strong feature of the work, which does not favor research lines or particular theoretical-practical contributions. THE [...]

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