The services provided by the Chamber and the Mediators shall be paid through the Registration and Administration Fees and by the Mediator`s fees, respectively.

The Chamber’s Costs:

Figures detailed below, are exemplifications and may vary (to more or less) depending on the cases specifications.

Pre-mediation meeting No fees attached Unique meeting, up to 2h long (maximum)
Registration Fee Unique fee Between R$ 1.000,00 and R$ 5.000,00, according to case complexity.
Administration fee Monthly Between R$ 150,00 e R$ 300,00, per mediation session hour, according to what the case demands.


Pre-Mediation Fees

This phase happens after the parties have been contacted and the preliminary information form for mediation has been completed. This introductory session aims to gather more information about the parties as well as inform about Mediation procedure and prepare them to the joint session.

Typically, these meetings are 1-2 hours long, period in which they are free of charge.

In the end of this preliminary session, the parties will receive, a Mediation Proposal, which regards venue and timetable agreements (rectifying or ratifying previously presented fees, taking into account all information contained in the preliminary mediation form for mediation).

The parties’ the approval of the Mediation proposal will lead off the signing of the Agreement to Mediate and hence, start the Mediation procedure.


Registration Fee

The registration fee regards costs the Chamber has with administrative services during the period between the first contact by the requesting party and the signing of the Agreement to Mediate by all the parties involved.

This fee is paid, one time, directly to MEDIARE and shall be apportioned between the parties in the form and proportion to which they shall mutually agree.

The price variation is related to the peculiarities of the case, based on the following criteria: number of parties involved (directly and indirectly); how long the controversy has been going on, level of escalation of the conflict, its eventual legalization or ‘arbitralization’, technical issues and values involved.


Administration Fee

Administration Fee refers to infrastructure and administrative-financial expenses and shall be paid to MEDIARE on a monthly basis, unless otherwise agreed by the parties.

They will be applied to all meetings subsequently to the pre-mediation phase. For calculation and apportionment purposes, on the 5th of each month, the parties will receive a descriptive report regarding the hours spent in mediation.


Co-meditation Mediator`s Fee

The Fees regarding the MEDIARE`s panel of Mediators vary in accordance to: The Mediation theme, complexity level, and Mediator’s level of experience and/or specialization.

The figures concern two mediators (co-mediation), and will be based on the workload regarding Mediation sessions or on the establishment of a fixed or proportional rate regarding the amount involved in the in dispute.

Exceptionally and after negotiating with the parties, there is the possibility of an additional billing regarding extra-hours dispended with meeting, document preparation and analysis.


Pricing Table Applicable on Co-mediation

Complexity of the Case Minimum fee/h – Pair Maximum fee/h – Pair
Low R$ 600,00 R$ 800,00
Medium R$ 800,00 R$ 1.200,00
High R$ 1.200,00 To be defined accordingly
Very High R$ 1.500,00 To be defined accordingly