The Mediation Services of the MEDIARE Dialogues Chamber and those provided by the mediators who will act in the case are remunerated, respectively, by the Registration and Administration Fees, and by the fees of the mediator pair, as follows:

Mediation Chamber Costs

The values ​​listed below are exemplary and may be altered to a lesser or greater extent, on a case-by-case basis and according to the Thematic Sector responsible for the service.

Pre-mediation meeting Exempt from payment of fees and fees Single meeting up to 2 hours
Registration Fee Single value Variable between R $ 1.000,00 and R $ 5.000,00, according to the complexity of the case.
Administration fee Amount to be paid monthly Variable between R $ 150,00 and R $ 300,00, per Mediation hour, according to the infrastructure required by the case.

Pricing Table Generally Applicable by pair of Mediators

Case Complexity Minimum Value / h / Double Maximum Value / h / Double
Low R$ 600,00 R$ 800,00
Video R$ 800,00 R$ 1.200,00
Alta R$ 1.200,00 Free proposition
Very high R$ 1.500,00 Free proposition


Mediation is preceded by a Pre-Mediation stage, whose sessions take place after the parties have been identified and contacted, and the Preliminary Information Form has been completed. Pre-Mediation aims to inform participants about ethical and procedural aspects of Mediation, clarify doubts and complement the Preliminary Information Form.

Pre-Mediation will be free of charge for a period of up to two hours.

After the Pre-Mediation, the parties will receive, for evaluation and approval, the Service Delivery Proposal, conclusively informing the costs of the Mediation (ratifying or rectifying the amounts eventually estimated based on the Preliminary Information Form).

Adherence to the Mediation and approval of the Services Proposal will initiate the Mediation and the signature of the Term of Participation in Mediation.

Registration Fee 

The Registration Fee corresponds to the cost of mobilizing the Clearinghouse in relation to administrative services, in the period between the initial contact made by the requesting party and the signing of the Term of Participation in Mediation by all parties involved.

This fee is paid to MEDIARE only once, prorated between the parties, in the proportion they agree.

The variation in the value of the Registration Fee is related to the peculiarities of the case, according to the following criteria: number of parties directly and indirectly involved; time of controversy and escalation of the conflict (history and intensity); degree of judicialization or arbitration; technical issues and estimated values ​​involved.

Administration fee

The Administration Fee refers to infrastructure and administrative-financial expenses related to the case, and is paid to MEDIARE on a monthly basis, unless otherwise specified.

The Administration Fee will apply to the meetings that follow the Pre-Mediation and for the purpose of calculating the amount due, and also for apportionment purposes, a descriptive report of the hours spent in Mediation until the 05th of each month will be sent.

Double Mediator's Fees

The mediators' fees for the MEDIARE Panel vary according to the theme brought to Mediation, its level of complexity, and the degree of experience or specialization of the mediator.

The fees of the pair of mediators will be due based on the workload of the Mediation meetings. The establishment of a fixed amount or proportional to the value of the case may also guide the calculation of Mediators' Fees.

Exceptionally, and after negotiation with the interested parties, additional remuneration may be charged for hours spent in preparing meetings or analyzing their realization, preparation of minutes and minutes of agreement.