MEDIARE has put together guidelines for conducting online Mediation and Dialogue Facilitation sessions that provides greater security and privacy for the participants. These guidelines should be read together with MEDIARE’s Regulations on Ethical and Procedural Standards and must be observed unless otherwise agreed to by all participants:

    1. MEDIARE will be using Zoom, unless the parties jointly define a different provider, which shall be validated by MEDIARE’s technical support and the Mediators, with the goals of ensuring security and facilitating its management;
    2. Pursuant to security protocol, each meeting will have an individual link, ID number and password, which shall not be used again in the following sessions. This link will be sent exclusively to the previously identified participants;
    3. Due to confidentiality rules applicable to Mediations overall, only the mediators and the previously identified participants will be allowed in the meetings. The participation of any guests must be previously agreed by all participants of the Mediation;
    4. As a rule, the recording of the video or the audio of the sessions is prohibited. If discussed and agreed, in writing, by the parties in advance of the session, the meeting may be recorded exclusively by MEDIARE, and it will be saved in its servers.
    5. MEDIARE will submit the schedules of upcoming meetings by email; the parties must NOT share the access links received from MEDIARE with any other person who is yet to be identified and accepted to the corresponding session;
    6. Technical support will be available throughout the meeting, to be requested only by the Mediators and with mutual consent of the parties. The technical support staff will be bound by a formal commitment to confidentiality, as required by MEDIARE;
    7. Fifteen minutes in advance to each scheduled meeting, participants can enter the “waiting room” available;
    8. The Mediators will be controlling the sharing of any material displays on the meeting screen (such as texts and documents, among others). Also, they will advise those who want to do so, with the consent of all participants, and with support of technical staff;
    9. We recommend that participants adopt the same rules of conduct similar to if they were in a face-to-face meeting. We suggest avoiding simultaneous speeches and background noises during the online session. The Mediators, along with technical support syaff, will coordinate the default setting to keep all microphones on mute and balance the time of engagement by the parties;
    10. When convenient to the Mediation process, the Mediators will leave only their microphones open as a resource;
    11. To avoid any dispersion and to ensure the preservation of each session’s content, chat discussions and annotations are not permitted; only personal notes will be allowed;
    12. Parties and Mediators will agree in advance on the video and screen sharing functions, as well as whether Mediators can save their notes and whiteboards writings;
    13. During joint sessions, the Mediators may recur to breakout rooms to promote caucuses, ensuring that only individuals listed on assigned rooms may attended or be present in the rooms where each party is meeting. The Mediators shall take into account security and equal opportunities criteria; Also, Mediators might also request a private meeting for which the same standards will be applied;
    14. Participants’ must be displayed on screen at all times so that the Mediators can see their expressions;
    15. In order to create an environment conducive to trust-building and settlement, participants must be familiar with all the proper equipment and functions. Test and try the equipment you shall be using before the Mediation, checking whether your connection’s speed and stability allows for your participation without technical problems. It is also essential to avoid any unexpected interruptions or background noises by preserving a quiet and secure environment to engage in the meeting. Also, make sure to use a private data network keeping the security devices updated;
    16. Step-by-step guidelines for participating in online sessions along with a guide for Mediation/Dialogue Facilitation provider guidelines will be sent to each participant by MEDIARE, in advance of the pre-mediation meeting;
    17. Any queries from participants, before or after the meetings, should be sent to the Mediators by e-mail, who, if necessary, will request support from the technical staff.

 Download of Practical Guidelines for Online Mediation and Dialogue Facilitation (pdf)


During the period of the pandemic (and afterwards, if so agreed by the participants), the mediation sessions, either joint or private, shall be conducted via Zoom or other platform agreed upon by the participants and accepted by MEDIARE, which shall be responsible for providing the links and access codes for the virtual meetings, and whenever necessary, technical assistance, which shall be bound by confidentiality. The guidelines for carrying out the meetings are displayed on the URL of MEDIARE´s website.