Conflict Mediation, Facilitation of Dialogues, Consensus-Building and Decision-Making Processes

MEDIARE is a Brazilian organization specialized in the practice and teaching of dialogue processes. Administration, prevention, evaluation, conflict management and teaching based on non-adversarial methods and the construction of customized solutions based on consensus and mutual benefit are ours expertise. The MEDIARE System brings together a multidisciplinary team of specialists in dispute resolution, dedicated to different topics, involving individuals and companies, in the private, public and social scenarios.


Acting in the teaching of dialogues and decision-making processes, using consensual methods of dispute resolution, with expertise technical and ethical posture, serving individuals and companies, in the private, public and social spheres.


To be recognized as an organization of excellence in the conduct of dialogical and consensual dispute management processes and in the teaching of these processes. Acting on different topics, with a multidisciplinary team of specialists committed to continuing education and dedicated to evaluating and customizing solutions, as well as identifying and implementing the appropriate dialogue method for each situation.


Competence, quality, responsibility, promptness, commitment, ethical interaction, respect for differences, care for others and inclusive posture, based on mutual benefit, are values ​​that portray MEDIARE.

Prevention, Evaluation, Management and Dispute Resolution

  • Founded in 1997, it is a pioneer organization in the training of mediators, which enabled the formation of a multidisciplinary team to work in several areas. It has a staff of mediators and specialists from different professional segments and active in different types of conflict and decision-making processes.
  • The experience with the practice of Mediation and the dedication to the study and research of methods based on dialogue and decision-making processes based on consensus made it possible to expand the range of resources offered. Today, MEDIARE uses the Multiport System of non-adversarial dispute resolution methods and dialogue processes, which, in addition to Mediation, includes Facilitating Dialogues, Evaluative Technical Consultancy, Consensus Building, Counseling in Negotiation and Process Situations of dialogues designed on a case-by-case basis.
  • It is a reference center in the area of ​​dispute resolution and the teaching of instruments based on dialogue, integrating networks of institutions - national and international - of Mediation and other dispute resolution instruments, with them establishing partnerships and exchanges.
  • He is part of the founding board of the National Council of Mediation and Arbitration Institutions - CONIMA, having participated in the elaboration of its Code of Ethics and the Model Regulation for the exercise of Mediation in Brazil.
  • Its staff of mediators operates in the sectors: Business, Family Business, Family and Succession, Civil, Intellectual Property, Information Technology, Health, Communities, School, Public Policies, Socio-environmental, Financial Market, Collaborative Practices and Teaching.
  • It gives lectures, seminars, courses, workshops, consultancies, supervisions and training in the area of ​​dispute resolution, in contexts of a private and social nature, in different themes and in different states of Brazil.
  • Due to the partnership with the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice, with the Public Defender's Office of the State of Rio de Janeiro and with the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro, it offers free mediation to these Institutions while it is under the tutelage of its students in the Practice Program Supervised.
  • With the Brazilian Institute of Collaborative Practices, it establishes a partnership and supports its training programs since its foundation.
Founding partner and CEO of MEDIARE. Creator of the MEDIARE Institute. Pedagogical coordinator of MEDIARE Teaching and Supervision Programs. Mediation Director and other means of conflict resolution of the National Council of Mediation and Arbitration Institutions (CONIMA). Consultant of the World Bank (World Bank Group) in the Conflict Mediation Sector for Latin America. Accredited Mediator of the Center for Effective Dispute Resolution - CEDR. Advanced Mediator of the Institute for Certification and Training of Lusophone Mediators - ICFML. Member of the staff of Mediators of the International Institute of Prevention & Resolution - CPR and the International Mediation Institute - IMI. Senior Mediator at the Rio de Janeiro State Court of Justice. Participant in the Panel of Mediators of CAM-CCBC, FIESP / CIESP, CAMARB and CBMA, among other Brazilian Chambers. Master in Conflict Mediation. Post-graduated in Neuropsychiatry, Sociology and Business Management. Doctor. Author of “Toolbox in Mediation - practical and theoretical contributions”; coordinator and co-author of “Conflict Mediation: for beginners, practitioners and teachers”. Publishes articles in books, periodicals and websites.

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